Palliative Care

A remarkable development in the field of modern medicine in the recent times has been the emergence of the practice of palliative care as a distinct discipline. It began with the limited objective of making the last days of a cancer patient's life somewhat painless, but palliative care has since grown into a mass movement. The philosophy of palliative care has been persuasive enough to bring about far-reaching changes in the outlook and practice of modern medicine. We focuses on the care of patients suffering from chronic progressive conditions as well as life-limiting illness such as cancer and end-stage organ failure. Patients facing life limiting illnesses as well as their families often confront physical, emotional,socio-economic and spiritual distress, which adversely affect the quality of their life. Our Aim is to alleviate the suffering of such patients by providing relief from pain and other distressing physical symptoms, to provide emotional support by adequate counseling to both the patient and the family, to empower the family and to care for patients at home and to working with community to ensure social and spiritual support.