Cancer Care Programme

The Ascension Sevananilayam completed the building of the ‘Sr. Edith Nieve Memorial’ Cancer Centre, in May 2005. The first cancer patient was admitted in November 2005 in this 10 bedded centre. We cannot admit more patients due to lack of space. Patients who come to the Government Medical College, Kottayam and cannot find accommodation in the cancer ward are admitted to the Edith Nieve Cancer Centre, absolultely free of charge. . Patients stay in the centre, for radiation and chemo therapies, as long as they are under treatment at the hospital. Medicines are also given free of cost, to deserving poor patients. When deemed necessary Sevana Nilayam also take care of therapy charges.

You can be part of the program by donating or adopting a patient. (Please check with office for the amount depending on how much you want to donate. A patient usually needs between Rs. 3000 to Rs.5000 for one therapy. Some patients require as many as ten therapies.)